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Multi-Purpose Natural Soap Nut Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Natural Soap Nut Cleaner Click to enlarge


Soap Nuts (sapindus mukorrossi) grow on wild trees in Nepal, and have been used for centuries for multi-purpose cleaning. They are also cultivated, and are a sustainable income source for villagers in the hills.

Have you wished you could use a natural product to clean everything in your home from dishes to floors, clothing to windows? Now you can! Highly concentrated Soap Nut Powder is tough on dirt and grime, but easy on your clothes, your home and the environment. And your hands will give you a round of applause! This all-purpose concentrated cleaner is economical and biodegradable. It is environmentally friendly because it is made from a renewable resource and does not pollute.


Many uses
Soap Nut Powder can be used to wash anything that is washable and if you don’t rinse, it will leave a protective layer on your cat or your carpet or even your car.

Washing dishes

Mix a little Soap Nut Powder with warm water and wash your glasses, dishes, cutlery and pans as usual. Vary the quantity of powder depending on how greasy the dishes are but don’t be deceived by the lack of bubbles. There are no artificial foaming agents in Soap Nut Powder, but your dishes will be cleaned effectively.

Cleaning jewelry
Nut Powder is an effective jewelry cleaner, especially for silver. Make a paste by mixing a very small quantity of Soap Nut Powder with a few drops of water and rub your jewelry vigorously with your fingers. Then rinse and polish with a clean cloth. Alternatively you can soak items in a mild Soap Nut solution for a while, then rub, rinse and polish. For intricate pieces with stone settings, dampen an old toothbrush, apply a small amount of powder, rinse and dry.

Washing pets
Parasites can be removed from pets’ fur and skin by washing in a mild solution of Soap Nut. They will be left clean, soft and protected from further infestations.

Household cleaning
Nut Powder in a bucket of water will clean your house from top to bottom, replacing harsh chemical cleaners. It can even be used on windows, which will be left sparkling after polishing with paper towels when dry.

Washing cars
Add a few teaspoons of Soap Nut Powder to a bucket of water. Wash the car as usual and polish to a good shine when dry.

Soap Nut Powder is made of 100% crushed soap nuts. It reduces the risks of allergic reactions from harsh detergents, eliminates germs, saves money and protects nature. Experiment with Soap Nut Powder and you’ll be amazed at the results. Remember that less is more with this remarkable natural product. 

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