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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India, which has evolved for over 5000 years. As such, it has proven its worth in keeping body/mind in balance and curing many diseases without side effects. It is closely related to Tibetan medicine, which is a combination of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.


Both systems are concerned with balancing body energetics to promote health and longevity. Physicians diagnose not so much the disease, but the imbalance in the body/mind system that is behind the symptoms. Treatment is with herbal preparations and lifestyle change. Diagnosis looks at the three Doshas, or elemental energies that give us our physical characteristics. These are:


  • Vata (the air/wind element), the force behind movement and energy in the body. Vata dominant people are often nervous, thin, have difficulty concentrating, but are creative, talkative and spontaneous.

  • Pitta (the fire element), the force behind digestion and metabolism. Pitta dominant people have a moderate build, strong will, get things done, have sharp minds. When there is too much pitta they tend to be irritable, have poor digestion and loose bowels.
  • Kapha (the earth/water element), Kapha dominant people tend to have heavy builds, even tempers, are slow moving, tend to get colds, like regularity, and are compassionate.

Ayurveda uses almost every plant part for a specific purpose, in teas, incense, and medicines.


Our herbal products are formulated according to Ayurvedic and Tibetan principles. When you select our products, you may wish first to do a simple self-diagnosis to find the most appropriate ones to help balance your Doshas.


There are many simple online tests you can use. We suggest this reliable site : Lotusayurveda


Our products are not intended to treat diseases: for that, please consult a reputable physician. But you can work with the minor imbalances that come up in your everyday life with our lines of teas, soaps, incenses and more.