High Altitude Honey

Our gourmet honey with its unique taste and qualities is a special treat for honey lovers.

himalayan herbs
himalayan herbs
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Himalayan Honey

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Our honey is collected from domestic bee colonies in high Himalayan valleys above 2000 m.(7000 ft.) We make every effort to ensure that the bee products reach you at their organic best. Organic honey is extracted by the 'cold press' method without the use of heat. This helps preserve the pollen and the enzymes that occur naturally in honey.

We also collect from wild bee colonies, which include Apis laboriosa, Apis dorsata and Apis cerana found in the isolated forests. Wild bees make their combs on high cliffs. The honey hunters are a tribe in Nepal who follow a tradition that has been passed down for generations. The bees are driven away from the honeycomb by smoke. Hunting cliff honey is a dangerous activity and most of the cliffs are named and remembered by the names of honey hunters who died during honey harvesting. This culture supports sustainable harvesting and encourages the multiplication of cliff bees. Besides being an economic activity, honey hunting also involves special rituals and satisfies the leisure requirements of isolated mountain people.

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