Shopping Faq

What forms of payment do you accept ?

For now we only accept payments via paypal for online shopping from this site.

For larger orders, or for payment by other means please contact us directly for detailed information. 


Can you ship to my country ?

We can ship orders to any country by courier (DHL/FEDEX) door services.


How long will it take to package my order and for it to reach me? 

We will take 2/3 days for packing your orders, for big orders it can take  more time, depending on the quantity.

Normally your order will reach you within 4/5 days.


Are there any custom fees and additional fees for international shipments ?

Other additional costs and fees depend on the buyers own country rules or custom system.


How much is shipping?

DHL/FEDEX cost will be  Minimum 25/30 USD per kg.

Freight costs will be reduced for orders above 5kg.

Buyers have to bear the total courier charges.


Are there any additional cost for buyers in Nepal ?

Buyers in Nepal need not pay any additional cost.


Please Note:  It is possible to negotiate regarding any confusions or queries on the above subject by mail or phone after getting your order.


Thank you !