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We have been producing and marketing wild herbal products since long times, particularly medicinal herbs.  All of our products are free of chemicals and additives. We export both semi-refined and raw forms of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

himalayan herbs
himalayan herbs
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Morel Mushrooms

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Morel Mushrooms grow wild in the hills of Humla District. During the summer, they are collected by villagers and dried. We sort the mushrooms into six different grades, depending on size, and sell Morels by the Kilogram. We are an experienced exporter, supplying Morels to many countries. Prices change according to season and availability. Please contact us for a quotation.


The Himalayan Morel Mushroom, locally known as guchichyau, is found at altitudes of 2000 to 3500 meters, mainly in northwestern Nepal. People in remote districts in the area have traditionally collected this mushroom for domestic use as a delicious food. Mushrooms are harvested from national forests, national parks and community-managed forests.


Harvesting is from early April through June. All harvesting is manual and carried out carefully to avoid breakage. The mushroom distributes its spores before it is collected, so the crop is sustainable. Harvesting provides much-needed cash to women and children in Humla and other remote mountain areas for food, household necessities, medicine, etc.

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